How to Get Your Social Media Budget Approved and the Boss on Board with Your Plan


I got another note this week from a social marketing manager that was recently fired from their job for not delivering to expectations. Here’s the thing…. This person is GOOD. Like really good! They get social media strategy, they know how to drive content, and they had a solid team supporting their efforts.

So why did they get canned? They didn’t have the support of their leadership team. Even though the leadership team was the one that brought them in just one year ago. And you know what? It could have been avoided. They just weren’t speaking the right LANGUAGE to their executive staff nor did they properly manage the expectations.  Their written social media plan and budget was weak and didn’t tell the story the decision makers needed to hear to make solid decisions. The results are there – they just aren’t being presented or communicated in the right way.

“I have a HUGE social media marketing budget, fully dedicated team, and plenty of time to implement my social media marketing plan” said no marketing director ever! You can have the greatest social media marketing plan on the planet but if you don't have resource and budget to implement it's a wasted effort.

Let’s get together and let me show you or your social media team on a FREE on-demand WEBINAR ” Three Easy Steps to Get Your Social Media Budget Approved and Your Boss OFF Your Back!”  so that you can avoid this scenario at all cost. Even if you don’t feel like your job is at risk right now. The ability to present a plan and gain the social media budget you need to succeed is an issue we see with most marketing teams we work with. We work with organizations from small business and startups to enterprise Fortune 10 brands.

On this webinar I will teach you:

  • 3 easy steps to create a plan that earns the approval and buy-in fast
  • How to eliminate confusion and push back from day one
  • How to leverage your strengths while obtaining support for the areas you need to learn and grow without losing credibility with those that matter
  • How to set proper expectations and secure your job and position yourself for career growth
  • How to help you and even your most negative stakeholders actually be the hero as you work as a team to implement strategies that win
  • How to align everything you do to the goals of your business
  • How to facilitate the needed discussions with your business partner, boss, or cross-functional teams
  • How to set goals and metrics for success

and so much more…

Let's get in front of this before your 2019 planning season rolls around. I promise if you follow the path we cover on this webinar that you will be applauded by your leadership team for your approach, communication and expertise. And best of all, you will FINALLY get your budget approved!

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Webinar Details:

  • Title: 3 Easy Steps to Get Your Social Marketing Budget Approved and Boss on Board
  • Date and Time: NOW  – Instant access

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How do I know how to help you get your social marketing budget approved?

How do I know how to help you get your social marketing budget approved? Because not only did I spend 15 years working in corporate America for numerous Fortune 50 brands and startups, managing multi-billion dollar product and service lines with million dollar budgets, I also am the co-founder of an agency, Marketing Nutz, which has been working with clients big and small since 2010. We have helped hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of marketing leaders just like you navigate these decisions and facilitate the necessary buy-in and discussions to achieve your goals.

I speak and train across the globe and work with businesses of all sizes, from startups to franchise organizations to Fortune 10 brands. The problems are all the same, yet different, no matter what size business, industry, budget or niche. You can't execute your social marketing strategies and tactics without proper planning, budgeting, execution and stakeholders on board to help you succeed.

Stop trying to win as a team of one. You must get your team on board. Social media is a team game, not a solo, individual marketing tactic you can do by yourself.

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