Could Buyer Personas be Your Secret Weapon for More Leads and Sales with Social Media?

As with anything in life, it's easy to skip to the easy part. I love chocolate cake and I usually go straight to the frosting.

Executing your social media strategy is similar in that it's easy to skip to the easy parts…the posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

It's easy to talk to people, like and comment on posts or share that funny cat meme. It's even easier for many marketers to sit on Twitter half the day and chat with colleagues near and far.

Yet do you wonder why your ROI (return on investment) is close to zero and you have no yummy frosting to lick?

Could it be that you skipped the recipe, mixing and baking? Did you go straight for the frosting hoping it would satisfy your goals?

Here's the thing.. we can't skip the hard stuff or we'll never get our business in the shape it needs to be. Just because you see others wasting time 24/7 trying to become social media rich and famous, doesn't mean that is where your focus should be.

The truth is the ROI comes in the hard work. It comes in the researching, connecting, preparing, planning, and working smart, not just hard 24 hours a day.

We must know our customers and what unique value we offer them, otherwise all of that time you spend on Facebook could be an utter waste.

I have some exciting news that will help you solve this problem and fast.

I recently hosted a training webinar with brand new content that has NEVER been shared in a public forum.

Webinar Title: Buyer Personas 101: How to Get More Leads and Sales with Social Media

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What you'll learn:

  • What is a buyer persona and why they are a must for any business
  • How to develop your own buyer persona
  • What a buyer persona is not (busting those myths)
  • How to leverage an audience based marketing approach
  • How to leverage data you already have to create your buyer personas
  • How to prioritize your buyer personas
  • How to stomp your competition with the power of knowing your customer better than anyone else

Webinar Details:

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Location: Online, virtual training sign up here

Could buyer personas be just what you need to turn up the volume of success for your business and help you carve out a nice little niche in your industry that you own?

Buyer personas help businesses of all sizes better target, inspire and connect with their ideal customers.

We have been helping our customers create audience based marketing plans and buyer personas for many years. This is the FIRST time I have ever shared this training content in a public setting. This is your one chance to see it live as I won't be doing it again.

Many experts preach that you need to know your customer, but very few can actually show you how to actually do such.

That is exactly why I decided to share exactly how you create a buyer persona for any market, any industry and for any size of business. You don't have to be big or have big budgets to do this. It's even more important if funds are tight and you are watching every penny. Focus is the key to success. Be something to someone, vs nothing to nobody.

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