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In March I spent almost a week with 10k digital marketers at the Adobe Summit event. 2016 was my 2nd year being paid as an Adobe Insider to cover the event. Once again we were honored to take our #GetRealChat on the road and chatted on Twitter with the Adobe team and other industry leaders live from the event in Las Vegas.

I love the Adobe events as I get to hang with my kind of people. They're not just geeks or technologists. It’s a marketing and business event packed with 10k marketing technologists. These are geeks that understand not only data, coding and marketing, but the importance of inspiring, connecting, engaging and serving the customer.

This year the event had quite a line up on speakers including George Clooney, Thomas Middleditch (star of the HBO show Silicon Valley, Donny Osmond, and Abby Wambach. Of course there were brand Leaders as well from Mattel, Mcdonalds and industry leaders such as Brian Solis, a good friend and one of my favorites in the industry.

The focus of content and discussions this year at Adobe Summit centered around customer experience as the future of business and marketing

For marketers, it's imperative to understand the true definition and foundations of customer experience.

What does an experience business look, smell and feel like?  What are the top 4 characteristics of an experience business? How do they differentiate? What are the benefits? How and where do brand leaders start if they want to shift focus of marketing and business investment toward customer experience? How do you get approval from key stakeholders and executives?

To hear the answers to these questions and more, take a listen to the 205th episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for a recap of the event and my key take-aways.

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In this 20 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • Recap of the Adobe Summit 2016 event in Las Vegas
  • Top 4 characteristics of an experience business as defined by Adobe
  • Benefits of becoming an experience business
  • Why more marketers are talking about creating customer experiences, vs actually designing, improving and implementing them
  • How to prioritize investments in planning, transformation, people, technology and more
  • How to plan and prioritize customer experiences to optimize and focus on
  • Where should brand and marketing leaders start to become an experience business?
  • Importance of human, emotional branding in designing unique and meaningful customer experiences

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