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Are you focusing on menial metrics, vanity metrics and things that are really not moving your business and life forward? Or are you staying laser focused on the right things. Are you investing your time, mindshare and effort on tactics, strategies and big ideas, concepts and innovations that can bring real meaning to your business, your life, your customers, your community and anyone that comes in contact with your brand?

Are you taking the time to practice what you preach? Are you walking the walk? Are you preaching brand humanization, being human, power of relationships, authenticity, and the importance of connecting with real human beings but plastering your face in your phone at every face to face training, event and human encounter you have?

Depending on when you are reading this… as you start your week, start your weekend, start the weekend, or end your weekend I simply ask you to think about these two words… menial and meaningful. Make sure you are focus on the right one.

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In this 13 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • The real difference between menial and meaningful
  • Why taking time to experience life helps you add more value to your audience, community and customers
  • Reality check on the cost of keeping your head buried in your phone 24/7, 365 days of the year even when in face to face opportunities to build real relationships
  • Why less is truly more
  • Focusing on priorities to live the life you want, not just dream about it

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