43337010_thumbnailCan I pick your brain please? How about a free lunch? Will you review my mobile application and tell all of your friends about it? We have all seen and heard these desperate marketing attempts at gaining free knowledge and help.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I share with you why I do not accept the free lunches that include a “pick my brain” free lunch invitation. I also share with you exactly how you can work with me, my agency and our team.

If you have worked a day in business you likely know that time is money. If you do not put a value on your time, nobody else will. You must put a value on your knowledge, resources and time you spend on whatever it is you do. When you put value on your time and knowledge, those around you will do the same.

There is not a day that goes by that I am not bombarded by requests to meet for a free “pick your brain” session, review new mobile applications, videos, marketing plans, infographics and the list goes on.

Every morning I jump on to Twitter to find people begging for follows, downloads of apps, and sharing of content to help it go viral. The truth is that there is no cookie cutter solution to starting, launching and growing a business for real results. You must get in the head of your audience. You must set goals and you must nurture relationships that can help you grow.

When you spend your days online begging and pleading for free help you are hurting your brand more than helping.

I am not saying we shouldn't give our time to those in need. My point is that those asking for free time should first build a relationship with the person who they want to engage with and learn from.

Life and business is about relationships. It seems that too many are wanting to skip the relationship in exchange for the magic carpet ride and easy button, which in reality does not exist. The sooner you can learn this fact, the better your business and life will be.

Episode Highlights

  • The importance of placing value on your time and knowledge
  • Building relationships as a first priority
  • Why I do not accept the “free lunch brain picking” invitations
  • How to avoid spamming and brand damage
  • How you can work with me and our agency, Marketing Nutz

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