facebook inspiration Facebook moved to quietly do away with the 20% max text rule on Facebook Page Cover images as of July 1, 2013.  This offers companies on Facebook another opportunity to create visuals that inspire and draw in fans.  By changing a Page's cover image weekly, or every other week, this can become part of a brand's message strategy to rise above the noise of posts and capture the attention of their audience.

As brands, we are always looking for ways to rise above the crowd and the noise of  posts that stream through our social networks.  It’s tough out there, and using your Timeline Cover Image to full advantage on Facebook is now another opportunity that can make a difference!

A great way to increase engagement is to increase changing out your Facebook page Cover Photo.  A recent study by HubSpot showed that photos on Facebook pages received 53% more likes than the average post. In addition HubSpot found that photo posts attracted 104% more comments than the average post.

By changing your Cover image more often a page can:

  • Be found and seen in the News Feed.
  • Highlight offers that are current.
  • Educate fans on current news.
  • Keep things fresh, active, and spur interest in coming back more.


Time to Rise Above the Crowd

How you use Facebook and what information you share via images can determine your success and engagement.


Mari Smith used her Cover Image to announce an upcoming event with a call to action image

Below are 12 ideas to spur on visual fireworks for your Facebook fan page Cover image:

  1. Showcase your brand and key products(s).
  2. Include a call to action to your tab email list sign-up.
  3. Display photos in the image of your product/service in use by customers.
  4. Highlight your next event.
  5. Create a call to action page to download a free ebook or other resource.
  6. Make your brand human by showcasing your team members.
  7. Offer a tip, idea, or quote.
  8. Push to your eCommerce sales tab by highlighting top product deals.
  9. Announce a new product.
  10. Create a theme in keeping with the season or holidays.
  11. Showcase a customer testimonial.
  12. Highlight a special offer on a tab.

cover image showcase 12 Ways to Create Visual Fireworks with Your Facebook Timeline Cover Image

Your Turn!  What ideas do you have for creative uses of the Cover Image? Please share.


Need help creating cover images?  Download a simple Facebook PowerPoint template here: Facebook Cover Image Template.