twitter 101 trainingSo you've heard about hashtags, tweet chats, Twitter parties, tweet addiction but you have never joined in.

Could be because you are afraid of what might happen to your brain or life if you too become as addicted as you see some of the crazy blue bird lovin' folks out there.

Or, is it that you aren't quite sure what a hashtag or tweet chat is and why you should care?

Well, I have a quick solution to help you make a more educated decision.

Check out this video tutorial that provides an in depth walk thru of the following:

1. Twitter hashtags (the what, why and how to use them)

2. Tweet chats (what they are, why they matter and how you can join the tweet chat fun)

3. #GetRealChat (an overview of the chat I host weekly at 9pm et)

4. Tutorial of how to join and engage in a tweet chat. Includes demonstration and step by step instructions for using to automatically filter tweets.

5. Best practices and tips for success on all of the above.

Many people have told me me after they join a tweet chat that they wish they would have done it sooner because it has brought much benefit to their business and life goals. Now, you have no excuse why this can't be you!

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