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How do you create a content marketing plan that converts to real customers? A plan that helps you achieve your marketing and business goals at the highest level of ROI possible?

The key to success with content marketing today is that you must do your research first.

The goal is not quantity and mounds of random content. The goal is that your content marketing strategy is aligned to the needs of your audience and supports your business goals.

Heading straight to your computer, mobile device or video camera with the intent to start randomly creating and blasting out content before you have a plan will not deliver the results you dream about.

You MUST slow down to speed up and ensure you… 

  • Know your target audience
  • Know what unique value you can offer
  • Know how you are positioned in the market
  • Know what impact you want to make

A little research and planning can go a long way to help ensure you maximize every minute and dollar you spend on the content you create, publish and promote.

20 Questions You Must Answer Before Creating Your Content Marketing Plan

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In this 35 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • Our proven 5-Step Content Marketing Strategy Development Process
  • Top 20 Questions You MUST Answer for a plan that converts to more leads, sales and customerS!
  • Why your content roadmap is critical to success
  • What is a content marketing strategy and plan?
  • The #1 question you must answer before starting your content marketing plan!
  • The importance of a content marketing mission statement
  • Understanding what conversation you want to OWN
  • The importance of understanding who your content is serving
  • Tips to connect with your audience emotionally and as humans
  • Why focusing on impact will ignite your content marketing results

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20 Questions You Must Answer Content Strategy that Generates Leads Sales