Advanced Twitter Strategies for Business: 14 Tips for More Leads and Sales


Twitter is an amazing platform to not only build community and brand awareness but also to generate leads and increase sales! Yes, smart and social savvy marketers know how to generate sales using Twitter.

However, to do this you must understand that Twitter is not designed as a spamming platform. You can't just hop on Twitter and start spamming urls to your website, blog or sales page.

Instead, you need to design and implement a well thought out and tested conversion funnel that helps you organically attract, inspire and engage your ideal customer. You need to inspire them to pay attention to you in a way that builds trust, nurtures relationships and helps you convert the business to the desired state over time.

Learning how to increase conversions and sales using Twitter requires both art and science. There are many features within the walls of Twitter than can help you convert more sales. You can tap into the power of Twitter ads, Twitter video, Twitter lists and more.

However, what many marketers do not understand is that what you do off of Twitter is as important, if not more important as what you do on Twitter. Having an integrated, social and digital platform that is ready for the social savvy and mobile customer is a requirement, not an option for brands looking to generate leads and sales using Twitter. If your blog, website, content and engagement strategies suck, your conversions on Twitter will be the same.

Take a listen to episode 202 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to learn 14 tips and strategies to increase sales and conversions using Twitter. Included are 14 ideas you can implement TODAY to help you increase the ROI of the time and resource you invest in Twitter.

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In this 25 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • 14 strategies and tactics to generate leads, increase sales and conversions using Twitter
  • How to tap into features such as Twitter advertising, Twitter cards, Twitter lists to increase sales
  • Using Twitter, blog content and other social media posts for A/B testing to increase conversions
  • Leverage Twitter analytics for optimized results
  • Using web analytics such as Google Analytics to optimize conversions and sales
  • How to use Twitter to learn more about your audience and ideal customer
  • Importance of a good content strategy and plan to increase sales
  • Avoiding spammy tactics to ensure positive brand perception


Supporting Resources:

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