Ignite Your Brand with the OPC - Other People's Community and Content

Social media presents tremendous opportunity for us to connect with people across the globe like we could never do before.

The power is at our fingertips to ignite relationships and business results. With this power also comes much responsibility and associated risk.

Ever heard of the OPC? Note, it's not to be confused with the song, OPP, even though if you have ever attended one of my workshops you have likely not only heard the song but danced to it!

The OPC = other people's content and other people's community.

Tapping into the OPC can be a huge turbo boost to zoom your brand, business results and both personal and professional relationships.

However, tapping into the OPC requires as much art as it does science. This is because at the heartbeat of social media, business and life is people. People are the heartbeat of business. People are the heartbeat of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Communities create markets, but only after you make the first investment in the human beings within. You must be willing to share yourself, share your knowledge and give without expectation of anything in return.

People who learn to do this in an authentic way can zoom straight past their competition with powerful relationships, extended reach, and multiple communities and people sitting on the edge of their seats to learn from the content they provide.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor I explain how you can tap into the power of the OPC starting today. I share 10 golden rules to ensure you achieve the greatest results possible when engaging and participating in communities.

Episode Highlights

  • 10 Golden Rules to Benefit from the OPC (other people's content & other people's community)
  • Definition of the OPC
  • Tapping into the power of other people's content
  • Tapping into the power of other people's communities
  • The importance of respect for the community guidelines
  • Listen before diving in head first to the OPC
  • Relationships and trust will take time to earn and establish
  • How to choose the right OPC
  • Sharing other people's content to provide value to your audience and followers
  • Heartbeat of social media is you and me

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