Advanced Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategies for Franchise Organizations in 2019

Franchise organizations are built on the foundation that there is power in a tribe. It's in the DNA of successful franchisor founders to empower their tribe of franchisees and customers to be the best brand evangelists in the world.

Why is it then that many franchisors and franchisees shy away from social media and digital marketing in 2019? Many franchisors will state they are a big fan of digital and social. However, when you do the double click, you see that it's mostly “lip service.”  They may be a “fan” of social and digital technologies, but they are not truly investing in empowerment of their teams and integrating these technologies into the DNA of their organizations.

Unfortunately, many franchisors are afraid of risk. They fear the technology mostly because they often don't understand it. They fear that putting the technology in the hands of their franchisees will open up their brand for more risk.

Here's the truth and reality that franchise organizations MUST embrace for success in 2019…. digital and social media marketing is your friend. It's not going away. It's here to stay. Most importantly, your franchisees are using and will continue to leverage these digital and social technologies regardless if you take the time to train and empower them properly.

Franchisors Must Lead Their Digital Strategy

Franchisors must step up and take leadership. Franchisees must also take ownership and require that your franchisor lead your tribe.

The reality is that the more the franchisor takes the lead with their digital and social marketing strategies, the more the risk can decrease. Empowering franchisees to properly represent the corporate brand promise, learn how to have authentic conversations with their local market and community, the more consistent the brand will be across different locations.

It is not about control. Instead franchisors must think of it as empowerment. Avoiding the inevitable is a recipe for disaster. Instead franchisors and franchisees should take a driver seat and leverage social and digital marketing to stand out from the crowd and zoom straight past their competition.

The truth is that regardless if a franchisor, franchisee or brand of any type or size decides to engage on the social web, there is a conversation happening in their honor already. The question is do they want to be a proactive part of the conversation.

Our agency Marketing Nutz has worked with franchise organizations since the month we opened doors almost 10 years ago. We have worked with franchise organizations of all shapes and sizes – from organizations in startup phase up to franchise organizations with thousands of franchisees and locations. We help them not only implement social media, adopt new technologies but also setup an infrastructure including customized and co-branded virtual learning academies that empower the franchisees while also ensuring brand consistency, streamlined communication and ensuring the corporate organization and franchisor is consistently providing value and partnering with franchisee teams.

Franchise Social and Digital Marketing is about Empowerment, Not Control

Franchisors must learn that it is their responsibility to empower, not pull franchisees away from the most powerful technologies they have to ignite their brands and touch the hearts of their local communities.

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