10 Content Marketing Holiday Survival Tips even the Smartest of Marketers Needs

The holiday season is here. We're jumping smack dab into the middle of the time of year where digital and content marketers must balance keeping their family and own soul fed while at the same time ensure they are giving their audience, community and customers the content they need and expect.

The truth is that the holidays are an amazing time to rise above the noise by providing real value. There are so many brands both big and small that fall to spammy sales tactics, pushing products and services, coupon codes and constant in your face promotion. Brands and marketing leaders that can focus on providing relevant, contextual content that inspires, connects and serves their audience will grab the mindshare, attention and heart of their readers, viewers, listeners and online communities.

 Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed and have no idea how to keep up your social presence, content marketing and overall brand during the holiday? You want to take time off but you don't want to do it so much that you lose the human connection with your audience you have worked so hard to nurture this entire year.

I believe wholeheartedly that we must take time to unplug. We need to disconnect from technology, social networks, mobile apps and connect with the people who are the WHY we are connected to all of these devices in the first place!

Take a listen to the 183rd episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for 10 tips to help you not just survive the holiday season but leverage the holiday season to inspire and connect with your audience in a human way!

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In this 25 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • 10 tip to maximize every piece of content during the holiday
  • How to leverage a content marketing calendar to increase efficiency and productivity in creating content
  • How to rise above the holiday online noise with real value and inspiration for your audience
  • How to focus on higher quality content over mass quantity
  • How to leverage old content and refresh for the new year
  • Content ideas to summarize your year
  • Types of content to help you inspire and connect with your ideal customer and audience
  • Tips for writing “greatest hits” and “predictions” type of blog post and content
  • How to ensure your content is unique and not falling into the echo chamber of others in your niche
  • How to create one bigger higher quality piece of content you can break into numerous pieces of content to use over a long period of time
  • How to leverage visual marketing
  • How to leverage automation to save time
  • Importance of taking a break over the holidays
  • How to inform your audience you are taking a break in your content

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