Social Media & Digital Strategy Assessment, Development and Plan

Social Media Strategy Assessment and Plan ServicesHow will you gauge success with your social media outreach? How do you stack up versus ever-changing industry best practices? What are the best ways to extend your internal and external community into an amazingly effective digital component of your business? We’ll tell you. We will examine every facet of your planned program, plus takes a deep look at what others in your industry are doing well. We deliver detailed, actionable recommendations and drive projects to completion.

This program includes the Marketing Nutz executive leadership team gathering information and interviewing key members of your organization. These projects are driven by Pam Moore, CEO of the Marketing Nutz. Pam is an internationally recognized thought leader on the subject of digital and social business. This can be done remotely via teleconference, web conference or on-site (or a mix of all three).

The proposed program and deliverables are based on what we know provides results. Our strategy will drive a successfully managed digital and social media effort. We will provide the strategy, plan, tools and skills required to lay a solid foundation for which we can build on the coming months.

Audience Based Understanding

Communication with our clients is key to our mutual success. Successful engagements always involve clear communication and an intimate understanding of the current business situation. We must deeply understand your customers/constituents, paying special attention not only to what they say, but what they do and where they communicate. We are passionate observers of how real-life users interact with products and brands online. This will allow a highly effective, streamlined approach to analysis and decision making for the many disparate Pursuit brands and pages currently in place or for future acquisition targets.

Approach and Process for each Audience

  • Initial Analysis Steps/Information gathering
  • Internal Stakeholder Interviews
  • Competitive (or like industry) Research
  • Social Channel and Audience Reviews/Reports

Social Media Strategy Development (POST™)

The major component of any solid social media strategy is full integration into all digital marketing efforts with an audience specific outreach. We utilize the Forrester™ Research “POST” Strategy process to identify and effectively market to these audiences. This combined with access to your corporate marketing strategy will deliver the most robust results.

P – During the “People” phase we focus on up to three specific audiences, and will determine the top 3 as they relate to digital media and the overall marketing plan.

O – Once the “People” are identified, we look at the top three segments and determine the specific “Objectives” for each audience. There may be overlapping objectives between audiences, however, there must be agreement that for those specific audiences, what the objectives are, and put a measurable result in place.

S – When “Objectives” are identified, we can then draft a niche strategy for these audiences, and deliver a written plan and document we all follow to deliver in the most effective way possible for that group. The strategy for prospects vs. industry influencers vs. current ambassadors can be vastly different, particularly for social media as a communication channel.

T –Each tactic (Tool, technology, team, etc.) is determined only after we gain full understanding of the audience we need to reach. The tactics that best align with business goal and objectives will be used, the tactics that don’t, won’t.

Additional Analysis and Planning to drive social plan & roadmap

Tool and Technology Recommendations:

Recommendations for tools and best practice based upon other findings to best support your digital and social business campaigns now, and in the future. This may include enterprise level posting/management tools, project management tools, social media measurement and analytics or simple engagement tools that are not in current use by internal team.

External Best Practice Review:

A look at what your top 3 competitors/partners/industry leaders are doing well, and identification of the top social and digital marketing opportunities to excel in the current competitive landscape.

Plan Delivery

With a wrap up of everything we’ve learned, we create an easy to digest executive report and also present a detailed strategic plan of action for taking the effort to its full potential.

Social Media Marketing Strategy and Plan Key Deliverables:

  • Written POST Analysis & Recommendations to drive plan for agreed to audiences
  • Social Community Development and growth plan (Per active platform e.g. – Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Audit and assessment of current thematic approach/Social Media Distribution Model/Plan per platform
  • Full social media platform recommendation (determination of best platform outreach based upon POST)
  • Social Platform/Plug In suggestions for web/blog as needed
  • At least 10 Big ideas that will immediately drive positive change within the social program
  • Full review and recommendation of your current social content assets, including recommended path for success, partners, and future thought for industry to drive participation, revenue and other identified needs
  • Content strategy and planning document based on findings in POST research phase
  • Annual Social business plan with dates and directives for execution based on findings
  • Audience demographic analysis overview report summarizing geographic and demographic of current online/social media following to help drive decision making

Estimated Project timing: 4-6 weeks

Cost: $5,000 – $30,000

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