Social Media and Digital Branding Strategy

Branded Social Media Content Strategy Development

A brand is a promise that is conveyed by everything people can see, hear, touch, taste or smell about your brand. This includes the instructions influencers or your teams may receive about social media communication, the way the product/experience is presented, the experience upon booking, the way your site is laid-out and every last bit of communication you (or anyone else) says about your brand.  Especially important today is the way your social brand is communicating via social media. Are you communicating in the right way?  Are you equipping your team with the right tools, training and resources to represent your brand the way you deserve and expect them to?  Our social media and digital branding strategy drives positive outcomes to each of these questions.

Development of your Social Brand Deliverables

We will leverage any current brand strategy and guidelines you have and create amazing social storytelling for your brand. Development of a strategic social marketing and communications platform for your brand will be based on insight gained from your current branding effort and marketing plans.  Dont have a current brand strategy and guidelines?  No problem!  This work can be used across all your marketing platforms to drive a solid brand effort and strategy.

Specifically, we are looking to define for your digital and social media storytelling to include your:

  • Most compelling emotional benefit
  • Competitive frame of reference
  • Most meaningful benefit of your brand
  • Character traits that will make you resonate with your target audiences over your competition
  • Characteristics that will enlist people to become brand champions

Branded Content Strategy Deliverables:

  • Social business brand analysis
  • Current content strategy analysis
  • Development of content editorial calendar
  • Integration of online and offline content strategy and recommendations
  • Content medium recommendations (blogging, e-zines, video, etc.)
  • Content syndication recommendations
  • Brand “Message House” (Written Brand/Content Architecture to support social media)

You and your team will walk away from this engagement with a solid framework, branding roadmap and storytelling guide to equip teams of all skill level to have a consistent and well thought out elevator pitch and rich look into what your brand is all about.  Give us a call to schedule a discovery!

Estimated Project Timing: 6-8 weeks

Estimated Cost $10,000 – $30,000 USD

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