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The social marketing nutz don't fall far from the tree at Marketing Nutz!  We have social business in the DNA. We were doing social before it was called social media.

are you relevant?

It is not enough to “do” social media, nor is it enough to “be” social. We must be social and also be relevant. If we are not connecting with the right people for the right reasons and providing them the right content that attracts and brings them closer to you and your brand, then it is all for nothing.

Our services help you provide relevancy to your audience, clients, potential clients, partners, and industry influencers by focusing on their needs first. If you focus on inspiring, connecting and helping them achieve their objectives, you will achieve your objectives by default. Inspire – Connect – Achieve.

We help you create brand experiences that will inspire them to subscribe to your newsletter, click “like” on your Facebook page, pay a return visit to your Facebook page, follow and retweet you on Twitter. It is the relevancy of your tweets, Facebook posts, blog content and online conversations that will inspire them to connect further, buy from you and hopefully become a customer for life!

social media is both art and science

Social media is not about taking your corporate collateral from 1982 and breaking it into 100 chunks of 140 characters and tweeting one daily for the next 100 days.

If you want real results you must focus on the art of engagement as much or more than you focus on the tools and technology. Anyone can learn the tools, how to tweet and how to post a status update to Facebook. You can dash right past your competition by differentiating your brand with conversation and content that provides real value to those that interested in listening.

social media fits into your business, your business does not fit into Facebook

Social media is not about fitting your business into Facebook. We help you align social media to business goals and objectives where social can have the greatest impact. We help you set goals, align resources, acquire the necessary skills, establish a social roadmap and go-to-market plan, execute your brand digitally, execute social media campaigns, strategies and tactics that are all focused on specific goals and objectives we agree upon.

We will continually listen, measure and optimize our actions based upon performance to date. The only guarantee with social media and technology is change. We can't ever sit constant or you will be left behind.  We have the skills, experience and keep a pulse on the latest and best technologies, approaches and tactics that will bring your business results.


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social media services