digital marketing social website development“What types of services does Marketing Nutz offer?”

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services that satisfy both the big and little appetite for social business and online marketing. We do everything from custom Facebook business pages, social media campaigns, social media training, website and blog site development, brand design and development, community building and nurturing, to proactive reputation management and monitoring.

If you are ready to tightly integrate social media into the DNA of the business we offer social business consulting, strategic goal setting, social integration, executive training and coaching, to do for you social media and CMO to go services.

“Do you offer social media speaking and training services?”

Yes, we offer both custom and standard training and coaching programs.  Our CEO, Pam Moore is a best-selling author, recognized by Forbes as a Top 10 (#5) women in social media, and Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer over all. She is called upon by international audiences to share her experience and advice on how to best integrate social media into the business of today for maximum results.

“What if I don't know where to begin?”

No worries. You are not alone. There are many businesses who are just now realizing social media is not going away anytime soon. We can help you dig through the sea of acronyms, myths, and quickly get to the strategies, actions and tactics that will help you see real results, fast.

“I have already spent a lot of money on my website, Facebook pages, and am not seeing results. Are you sure you can help me?”

Yes, chances are you initially focused on the science of social media such as the tools, the technologies, the Facebook pages. This type of approach usually leads you toward a focus on Facebook likes, Twitter followers etc., without a real understanding of what or how they are going to help you meet business objectives.

We can help you analyze your results today and set a clear plan for execution that is better aligned to your business, goals and objectives. We will help you better understand your audience so you can ensure your efforts on the social networks help you foster relationships, versus just beg them to like your page.

The art of social media and relationships are key to success. We'll help you balance both the art and science so you can get back to focusing on your day job.

“We have been doing social media for quite some time. However, we have no idea of results, conversations that are happening due to lack of control and measurement. How can I get a grip and reduce associated risk?”

You are in good hands with Marketing Nutz. We love helping businesses “get a grip.” What may seem impossible to you is every day social business to us. We will help you assess your top risk areas, as well as identify areas for optimization such as personnel, processes, investments, social listening and monitoring. We'll help you set goals and priorities for improvement where social media can have the greatest impact on business results.

“I work in the corporate office of a large organization that has many franchises. Do you have experience executing social media for franchise organizations at the local and corporate level?”

Yes, we sure do. We are working with several national franchise organizations and are helping them establish leadership within their specific market niche.  We can help you set goals and objectives for both the corporate as well as franchise level.

We will help you develop a platform that will ensure a healthy balance of adequate training, social media policy and innovation.

We can discuss opportunities for us to explore shared revenue partnerships for training portals, and delivery of services and products such as training, corporate approved websites, content development, reputation monitoring and management, search engine optimization and more.

“I know my business. I need with help how to best integrate and leverage social media and online marketing. How do I know you have the needed experience and are not like some of the other consultants I have met who don't have a clue about real business?”

Our founders Josh Moore & Pam Moore each have 15+years experience working in corporate America. They have worked with startups to Fortune 100 organizations. Their experience includes corporate branding and marketing, corporate business unit leadership, product management, business development, national sales, database analysis and design, multi-channel retail, ecommerce to multi-million dollar enterprise software and hardware management in the tech industry. They have worked with Sun Microsystems, Hitachi Data Systems, Double Click, Webtrends, IBM, StorageTek, GE Capital, OttLite, Dotomi and more.

“I tried hiring an intern to manage our social media and we did not achieve the results we were hoping for. Can you help me set goals, objectives and determine the needed resources and skill set required to build a social media marketing team?”

Absolutely, our standard process and methodologies will help assess your current skill set, gaps and recommend strategies and hiring tactics to improve efficiencies and execute plans to meet business goals and objectives.

We can do as little or as much as you would like us to in regard to building your new team. We can assist you in writing job profiles, determine required skill set and even interview top candidates to ensure you are making the best hiring decisions possible.

“I know in my head what I want to say, do and how I want my website to look, feel, communicate etc. However, I have a tough time getting all these thoughts and ideas online. I feel like my head is bursting. Can you help me obtain social nut sanity?”

Well, you have come to the right place. Our specialty is helping you take the ideas that are causing your head to feel like it is exploding and map them to a plan for execution that will bring results. We live in both the social business and creative side of the nut shell. We will also help you get in the head of your audience, markets, clients  and prospects to validate the “things” in your head will really bring results.

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