Hire Pam Moore as a Brand Ambassador

Would you like to expand your reach and tap into a powerful digital community of 2+ million that has been nurtured for 20+ years filled with executives, marketers, small business leaders, entrepreneurs of all shapes, sizes, ages and experience?

If yes, then look no further than Pam Moore, our founder and Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer.

Pam's audiences take action. We average 65% – 82% conversion rates on free offers / opt-ins and online events and above average event show-up and click-through rates.

Pam will work with you to develop a custom brand ambassador campaign to support your marketing and business goals.

Sample ways you can work with Pam as a Brand Ambassador:

  • Multi-touch campaign leveraging her vast media and online platforms and communities
  • Sponsor our Social Zoom Factor Podcast (top iTunes podcast with 1.7+ million downloads)
  • Sponsor one of our online Webinars (68% opt-in rate)
  • Place an ad in one of our email newsletters
  • Sponsor a co-created marketing call to action to grow your email list (we get 65%-82% conversions on free offers)
  • Sponsor a series of blog posts, videos or other content
  • Sponsor a live video training or other online event
  • Hire Pam to host or serve as emcee at one of your live events
  • Sponsor Pam to attend one of your events and share her experience real-time.
  • Event sponsorship package that includes pre-event, live event and post-event promotion
  • Sponsor products or services and hire Pam to help you promote and share with her community
  • Affiliate sponsorship for your product or service

Pam has worked with some of the worlds largest brands as a brand ambassador and influencer to help them increase brand awareness, nurture community and increase revenue. Past and current sponsors include IBM, Adobe, IBM Watson, Teradata, Hostgator, Freshbooks, Redken, Loreal, Oracle, Sprout Social, Agora Pulse, CallRuby, Everyone Social, to name a few.

Hire Pam as a Brand Ambassador!