Digital CMO to Go and Ongoing Consulting

Are you a medium to larger organization that has a solid social/digital team in place, and need a “shot in the arm” of knowledge, support and skillset from an outside source?  Enter Digital CMO to go.  Many of our clients look to us to help guide their trajectory and provide outside thought in reference to their social and digital strategy and programs.

It's likely you already have an agency (or a few) at your disposal, but that's not what we are.  We have been in that business, so understand it intimately, but our responsibility here is to remove that competitive overlap barrier and deliver you (and your agency) unbiased advice that is in your best interest.  We are experts at partnering with many of your teams, internal and external, and have an uncanny knack for bringing them all together for a common goal like you have never seen before.

Generally, these engagements start with an audit of your social/digital presence – and include a deep look at your assets, liabilities and plan.  We identify your areas of need, and align/drive to an agreed program and area of focus.  This may include integration plans for software or systems into your social fabric, content plans and calendars (or lack thereof :)), training your current team to maximize their skills, better identifying your audiences and developing a communications plan – and the list goes on.

Essentially, we are here for you.  One call away.  Our programs have structured time and SLA's, as well as flex for your team to drive maximum value.

Every client is unique.  It would be our pleasure to do a discovery call with you and see if we are a great fit.

Fees: $2,000 – $10,000 per month

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